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Worker In Dubai Draws Heart On Ground Because He Misses His Wife & Family, Wins Hearts Everywhere



Source: Lovin Dubai

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A lot of the time, foreigners who work in other countries leave a lot of things behind and often feel alone and homesick.

This Indian cleaner in Dubai decided to profess his feelings in the sweetest way possible.

As showcased on Lovin Dubai, the cleaner nonchalantly drew a heart on the street using his broom, twigs and dried leaves.

They wrote, “There’s something so poetic about this unknown gent finding beauty in the little things in Downtown Dubai.”

But there’s a bigger story behind the picture.

Based on the Khaleej Times, the man, who was identified as Ramesh Gangarajam Gandi, is a 30-year-old housekeeping staff with a Dubai company. He was apparently going about his daily routine of sweeping away the dried leaves when a rush of emotion overcame him, which led him to draw the heart on the ground.

It turns out that Gandi had moved to the UAE last September for work, after he had gotten married in August.

“I was missing my wife, family. I didn’t know that anyone was watching me, so I was very surprised to see the photograph online. On the day the photograph was taken, I was thinking about home. I was wondering what everyone was doing and how everyone was, but mostly, I was missing my wife,” said Gandi, a Telangana native.

“I barely spent a month with my new wife – who now stays in India with my parents – when I got a job offer in Dubai and had to leave immediately, so I didn’t get to enjoy married life for very long.”

Gandi also expressed his concern for his elderly parents as his father has fallen ill due to age-related health issues and was hoping to visit them.

“Everyone has been affected by the coronavirus. We have not been able to travel freely and I think everyone is worried about the health of their friends and family. Although none of my family has caught Covid-19, my father is quite ill at the moment. Luckily, travel is a bit easier now, so I will be flying back to India to spend time with my parents and my wife. It makes me feel happy to know I will see my family soon and can help out at home,” he added.

He assures everyone that he didn’t draw the heart out of sadness but out of concern and excitement to see and spend time with his wife and family.

The Dubai Ministry of Community Development has since sent him a gift pack to show their love and support for the young man.

We wish nothing but the best for Gandi and we hope that his father makes a speedy recovery!

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Source: Lovin Dubai

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