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“Working OT is Strictly Prohibited,” Employee Shares After Boss Asked Him to STOP Working Over Weekends



Indonesian Employee "Caught Red-Handed" for Working Over The Weekend by Kind Boss - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Torriosh Twitter

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One of the things we dread most at work is to stay overtime because we have too much to do with so little time left. And it’s also saddening when OT is a norm here and we’re usually not paid for it.

This employee from Indonesia got the internet jealous with his boss’ attitude towards working overtime.

JT (@Torriosh) shared that he needed to “send some e-mails” over the weekend to confirm a meeting for the following Monday. However, his boss caught him “red-handed” and what she did next surprised netizens.

We find it heart-warming that his boss even apologised that he had to entertain such a last-minute task, and requested TJ to never repeat working over the weekends. Apparently, this wasn’t his first time encountering similar issues with this particular boss.

Continuing his thread, TJ shared that he once had a family vacation in Bali for 10 days but he only had one day’s leave. To compensate the day he couldn’t come in for work, JT offered to work extra hours for the following week.

Knowing that it would be inconvenient for him to come to work on the day, the boss offered him to work from home (instead of working overtime for the following week). Netizens pointed out that his boss is Caucasian, which might be the reason for her “kindness”. However, JT begged to differ as he explained that his old Indonesian boss from the same company also treated him well.

He explained that when his father was in a critical condition and his mother was also sick, his Indonesian boss sent food and flowers to his parents and asked him to go home without using his leaves. Wow, don’t we all wish to work at a company that cares about the employees’ personal matters?

Even though people wanted to know what company he works for, JT did not reveal the information. He only said that it’s an international company that has an office “in almost every country in the world”.

Compassionate people at work are indeed a rare gem! 

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