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Wuhan Mother Cries For Quarantined Son As She Can’t Enter His House, Comfort Or Cook For Him



Source: TheShanghaiist & HealthHub

Mothers will always want to protect and be there for their children, no matter the circumstances.

But there are certain barriers that even mothers, sadly, cannot cross.

A mother in Wuhan, China, was caught on camera crying as she left groceries and food at her son’s door, unable to enter his house and come into physical contact with him to comfort and cook for him due to his quarantined status.

The video, which was shared by South China Morning Post, showcases a doctor who quarantined himself after he suspected that he and his sister may have contracted the virus. His mother then leaves a bag full of food outside his door, insisting that she stays at least 2 meters away.

His mother can be heard crying, “Please take good care of yourself.”

Luckily for the family, they later found out that they, in fact, did not have the virus but it’s truly inspiring to see the doctor quarantining himself after suspecting he had the virus to help prevent it from further spreading. He took measures to ensure his family and everyone else’s family members stay safe from the virus.

We’re so happy for them and are hoping that they’ve reunited since the video.

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