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Wuhan ‘Nurse’ Claims There Are Reportedly 90,000 Infected Patients in China Compared to 2,761 Reported



Source: YouTube & China Press

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Disclaimer: The claims made in the following video are speculation as official reports state that the total number of cases is lower. As such, reader discretion is advised.

The number of Wuhan virus cases and deaths are growing rapidly every day, with 2,813 confirmed cases and 80 reported deaths at the time of writing. However, what the news might not be telling us is that there may be far more deaths happening than what they are reporting.

In China itself, the government has reported that there are 2,761 confirmed cases and 80 deaths, according to mainstream media. But a nurse in Wuhan has released an unverified video claiming that there are about 90,000 people in China who have been infected by the new coronavirus.

“I am currently at the infected Hankou District in Wuhan. Let me brief you on the current situation of Hubei province and China,” she said.

“So far, more than 90,000 have been infected by Coronavirus.”

“What is the infection rate? Without immediate quarantine or effective treatment, one infected person can pass the virus to 14 more nearby. The infection rate is extremely high.”

Watch the full video here:

While this is just a claim by a Wuhan nurse, it comes as no surprise as hospitals in China are allegedly so packed that infected patients are laying lifeless on the floor while waiting for treatment due to the large shortage of staff at the hospital.

However, experts in the UK concur with the nurses’ assessment, with Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College telling The Guardian that his “best guess” was that there are a total of 100,000 infected, but only 2,000 cases have been confirmed.

Source: China Press

What makes the Wuhan virus so deadly is that an infected person is able to spread the virus to another person during the incubation period, before symptoms show, according to BBC.

This means that people passing through airports and temperature screenings may already be infected and are contagious, but are allowed to pass through because they have no symptoms.

Once passing through, anyone the infected person comes into contact with is at risk of contracting the virus themselves, which makes it all the more harder to trace once symptoms start to show.

Wuhan Nurse Reveals That There Are Actually 90,000 Infected Patients in China Compared to 2,761 Reported - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Daily Mail

Meanwhile, the youngest patient to be infected by the virus is a nine-month-old baby, who came into contact with other infected patients in Hubei, China, reported Oriental Daily. This is the first confirmed case of a baby being infected.

However, there is hope as China recently announced the first coronavirus-infected patient to be cured! Read about it in the link below.


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