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You Can Bid For These Limited Edition ‘Malaysia’ Number Plates Starting July 2!



Limited Edition 'Malaysia' Number Plates will be Available From July 2! - WORLD OF BUZZ 3
Source: Chinese Malay Mail

If you’re looking to buy a new car then you might want to get ready to bid for these special car plate numbers! The Ministry of Transport has just introduced a new series of car plate numbers in conjunction with Malaysia’s Independence Day.

Limited Edition 'Malaysia' Number Plates will be Available From July 2! - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Sinchew

Anthony Loke, the Minister of Transport informed that they will be releasing “MALAYSIA” number plates, which will consist of 10,000 numbers that are up for grabs, mStar reported. The series is expected to start from Malaysia 1 to Malaysia 9999 and will be available for bidding starting from July 2 to 16. Get your wallets ready!

The results of the bidding will be announced on August 23 so if you are bidding for one, make sure to tune in! Loke had mentioned before that although the bidding for previous special car plate numbers may have been handled by NGOs, from now onwards, it will be managed by the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

Loke highlighted that no special treatment will be given to anyone, even ministers. Anyone who wants one of these limited edition numbers must make a bid for the numbers and he hopes that this would bring in more than RM20 million of much needed income to the country. You know, because of our huge national debt!

This amount was based on the previous income they’ve gotten from the bids for the car plate series of “V” and “F”, which netted the RM22.48 million and RM17.55 million respectively.

However, an exception will be made for Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for the number plate “Malaysia 2020” to honour the Vision 2020 ideal that he had first visualised when he was the fourth Prime Minister. Loke said, “We plan to reserve this special number for Dr Mahathir but it depends on whether he wants to accept it or not.”

Malaysians are already excited about the prospect of being able to buy these exclusive number plates with many of them commenting on the different numbers that they want. Of course, “Malaysia 509” in conjunction with GE14’s historical date would be one of the hot-selling numbers!

It has not been revealed what are the minimum starting bids but with such special, limited number plates, we can expect the numbers to be snapped up really fast!


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