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You Can Get Up to 10% Off iPad or Macs in M’sia & You Don’t Even Need to be a Student



Source: MacRumors & AppleInsider

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Love or hate Apple, one thing we can all agree upon is that they make incredible hardware and software. Furthermore, the optimized combination of both is what makes their products so good.

I mean, look around you and see how many Malaysians are still using the 4 years old iPhone 6s and it’s still running pretty smoothly!

Well, another thing we can agree upon about Apple is how expensive their products are. Some would even say they’re overpriced. If you’re stuck in the Apple ecosystem, we’ve got some life hack for you.

Did you know that you can get up to 10% off Apple’s iPad and Macs lineup when you use Apple’s Education Program?

Given the price of the product you purchase, this could mean a saving of thousands of ringgits!


What is Apple Education?

Basically, Apple Education is the trillion-dollar-company’s commitment to help every school experience the transformational power of their technology.

It offers special pricing for individuals in education which are not limited to just students. These include:

  • University students
  • Students accepted into university
  • Parents buying for university students
  • Lecturers
  • Staff
  • Homeschool teachers

Interestingly, the site in which you purchase products using Apple Education never actually verifies whether you’re any of the above. Hence, virtually anyone can purchase with discounted pricing!

It’s been this way since 2001 and looks like it won’t change anytime soon.


How much is the discount?

Unlike in other countries, Apple never actually mention the amount of discount on offer on their Malaysian website. Therefore, you have to browse the specific products by yourself to know how much you’d be saving.

Here are two examples from products that most would be interested in, the base model iPad Pro and MacBook Air:

1. 2020 11 inch iPad Pro

Normal pricing for 128gb wifi model: RM3,499

Source: Apple

Apple Education pricing for the same model: RM3,279

Source: Apple

That’s a saving of RM220!


2. 2020 MacBook Air

Normal price for base model 2020 MacBook Air: RM4,399

Source: Apple

Apple Education price for the same model: RM3,959

Source: Apple

That’s an incredible discount of RM440!


3. How do you use Apple Education?

So, how do you get this discount? Simple really. Instead of buying from a physical store or on Apple website, just purchase from their Malaysian Apple Education website here.

As mentioned earlier, Apple never prompts for verification if you’re a student or teacher so anyone can purchase with these pricings. You can get free engravings too!

There are certain things you need to take note off though, such as:

  • It’s only applicable for iPad, Macs and accessories. So if you’re planning to buy an iPhone, you’re out of luck.
  • Stocks are limited.
  • Although it’s official Apple Malaysia products, it will be delivered from Apple’s warehouse in Singapore so expect a bit of delay in shipping.
  • You can’t claim the purchase out of your tax deductable.
  • You can’t pay using installments such as Easy Payment Plan.

Okay, despite all the caveats, this is really a good deal if you’re planning to purchase an iPad or Mac. Nice!


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Source: Apple
Source: MacRumours

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