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You Can Now Make Your Own Boba Tea With These DIY Instant Kits In Just 2 Minutes!



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Making your own cup of bubble tea at home doesn’t just have to be a daydream anymore, as the newly launched instant DIY Boba Kits by BOBOBABA can fulfil all your needs at once. All you have to do is pick and order your favourite boba tea flavour that is available in an individual pack, and you can prepare your cuppa bubble tea in just two minutes!


Instant Boba Kits that can be ready in TWO minutes

BOBOBABA based at Ara Damansara just launched in January 2021 and they’re selling one of the most sought after instant DIY Boba Kits in Malaysia. You can choose to buy an individual pack and customise the flavours and sweetness according to your personal preferences. It can be prepared anywhere and anytime as long as you have access to hot water. Their products can be ready in just two minutes!

The birth of BOBOBABA

One of the co-founders of BOBOBABA, Paula told WORLD OF BUZZ that, it was just a snap idea that arose when she and her partner, King were scrolling through a few DIY Bubble Tea Kits ads on Facebook and Instagram in June 2020. However, they noticed that these kits usually come in bulk and require a minimum purchase of 10-12 servings. What’s worse is that they only provide one flavour for each kit. Therefore, if customers wanted two flavours, they would have to get two kits that make approximately 20-24 servings in total.

Both of them found that these limitations were turn-offs for DIY boba kits as there are too much of the same produce in one kit, and the kits aren’t cheap as well. It was these limitations that made them think og launching an Instant Boba Kit shop where the boba kits are available in individual packs! They looked up to this idea online and were  surprised to find out that no one was doing it, so they thought that it would be a great start-up idea for a business.

“We thought, why can’t we make boba like how we make instant noodles?” she said. 

Even I could feel their passion and enthusiasm when Paula was telling me about the original ideas and story of their business, as she sounded so excited and passionate when talking about their Boba Kits! 


Must-try Flavours in BOBOBABA

Speaking with WORLD OF BUZZ, they said that their best sellers and recommendations would be the Thai Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea and Earl Grey Milk Tea. If you are a taro lover, you should go for the Taro Milk Tea as it has a very rich and creamy in taste! As for the Thai Milk Tea, it is very similar to what you would get in Thailand. Despite using Thai Tea powder, the drinks still have that evaporated milk taste layer in them. Last but not least, they use real Earl Grey tea leaves for the Earl Grey Milk Tea, so you will definitely be hit with the the earl grey aroma the moment you open the packaging.

“With BOBOBABA, you can have your cuppa boba tea regardless of where you are right now!”

You can easily grab your DIY Boba Kits from BOBOBABA as they are available on various social media platforms including Instagram, Shopee, Lazada. The most convenient way would be to click on their Website.


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