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“You tried your best” Woman Couldn’t Contain Her Tears After The Man She Performed CPR On Dies



Source: Meet Friends By Love

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Being kind-hearted is such a rare quality we see nowadays and how many people are actually selfless out there? That’s not the case however for this girl from Bahau, Negeri Sembilan who has truly shown us what it takes to help someone in need.

A middle-aged man suddenly fell unconscious while eating in a coffee shop at Taman Acbe on Saturday, 12 September around 3pm. Almost immediately, a young girl, a medical student, who was there rushed and started performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on him.


The girl continued to perform CPR on the man until the ambulance and the medical personnel took over. Unfortunately, upon their arrival, the man was pronounced dead. According to Sin Chew Daily, his body was sent by the police to the mortuary for an autopsy while the cause of death remains unknown.

What’s heartbreaking is that the girl burst into tears when the man was pronounced dead.

However, netizens poured in with comments praising the girl for trying her best to save the stranger’s life and reassured her that it was not her fault.

“She did the right thing. Imagine if you had to perform especially during a pandemic like now. Why are there so many “first-aid experts” at the comment section? I hope to have someone as calm and brave as her helping me should this unfortunate thing happen to me.”

This girl’s bravery and kind-heartedness is something not many have and for that, she deserves nothing but praises. Let her be a reminder for all of us to never forget to help those in need.


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Source: Sin Chew
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