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“You will only end up seeing my corpse with clothes” 14yo Stabbed To Death By 20yo Husband



Source: Unsplash & WBCK

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A young 14-year-old Indonesian girls last words to her family was, “You will only end up seeing my corpse with clothes.”

Unfortunately, her last words ended up being the truth when the teenager was stabbed to death by her own husband.

The 14-year-old victim had just been married for a month to her husband, Kamaluddin, 20. From the incident that had happened last Friday, the suspect is believed to have stabbed his wife repeatedly in Bone province, South Sulawesi.

According to Tribunnews, the victim’s neighbour known as Irmha said, the night before the incident, the couple was at the victim’s parents’ house where the suspect helped his in-law repair the house.

“At about 11pm, the suspect invited his wife to visit his parents’ house too, but the teenager refused to comply with her husband’s request,” Irmha explained.

“To clarify the problem, the victim’s parents forced her to listen to her husband’s request. The victim agreed but warned them… if her family forced her, they would not be able to see her again, but only her corpse with clothes. I did not expect what she said to come true,” Irmha added on.

According to the neighbour, no one thought that the tragic incident would have happened because the couple had known each other for a long time and were married on the basis of mutual love, in early October.

“Throughout the marriage, they often quarrelled,” Irmha told Tribunnews.

Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Tanete Riattang Police, Samson said, the cause of the incident is still under investigation and his team is still hunting for the suspect who fled.

“Their quarrel started on Thursday night until it was carried on the next day, but was resolved by the parents,” he said.

“The victim was threatened by her husband and tried to escape but the suspect chased after her. The suspect stabbed his wife repeatedly until she died at the scene before he ran off,” he said.

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