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Young Frontliner Passes Away Due To Covid-19 Before He Could Marry The Love of His Life



Source: Instagram & Instagram

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Covid-19 has been taking many lives away and up till the time of writing, the death count is at 216,000 globally. Some of these victims had beautiful plans for their future but this pandemic has disrupted everything.

A young Indonesian doctor who was supposed to get married to his fiance on 11th April has passed on due to Covid-19, reported Liputan 6.

Michael Robert Marampe was an Indonesian frontliner who was treating patients infected with Covid-19. Somehow or rather, he caught the coronavirus from one of his patients and was then put into the ICU of Persahabatan referral hospital in East Jakarta.

A week before his demise, he uploaded a video onto his Instagram to motivate his fellow frontliners.

“I have been here (hospital) for 8 days already and Praise God, I feel better with only a little bit of cough left.

To me, becoming a doctor is something to be proud of as it allows me to serve patients and help many people. There’s no regret.”

On the same day, he posted a beautiful picture of him with his fiance who has supported him for the last eight years. He called her an angel and has said that he is a bad man for hurting her feelings time and time again. He added that if it wasn’t for her, he would not be where he is right now.

“Thank you my fiance, Tri Novia Septiani. You are a blessing from God and I will always love you.”

Michael passed away on Saturday (25th April). Tri, made an Instagram post on Sunday for the love of her life, Michael. She started off by saying how proud everyone was of him and she vowed to finish off the song that they have written together for their wedding.

“I love you so much and I know full well that you love me too. Until we meet again, my love.”

Thoughts and prayers go out to Michael’s family and also to Tri, may Michael rest in peace. 


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Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram
Source: Liputan 6

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