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Young Man Becomes Paralysed After Sitting on Toilet and Scrolling on Phone for 30 Mins



Young Man Sits on Toilet Bowl and Scrolls Through Phone For 30 Mins, Became Paralysed - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: India Times

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Taking a dump can be a time-consuming task for some, which is why a lot of us choose to scroll through social media simultaneously to kill some time. However, a recent incident has proven that this habit comes with some dire consequences. 

A man from Chongqing, China recently became paralysed as a result of sitting on the toilet bowl for too long. No, we’re not joking!

Source: India Times

According to Yahoo!, the 24-year-old man was a healthy adult with no previous medical condition. Three years ago, he went to the toilet with his smartphone because he knew it was going to take a while for him to relieve himself.

After half an hour, the man was still in there and his family members went to check on him to see if he was alright. Shockingly, they found him lying on the floor unconscious and immediately rushed him to the hospital. Sadly, he was already paralysed by then.

The doctor revealed that the guy had maintained the same sitting position for a long time, which limited the blood circulation in his body. Plus, the air circulation in the toilet was poor due to the enclosed space.

Image for illustration purposes only | Source: Blog

So, when he suddenly stood up after sitting down for so long, the chances of him suffering oxygen deficiency in his brain tremendously increased. Besides, the doctor pointed out that not focusing on pooping may lead to constipation and the rectum would have to work harder. Focus guys! 

The lack of regular exercise also contributed to the man’s condition. Needless to say, many netizens could relate to this guy’s habit and were taken aback by his condition.

“This is so scary! I’m going to leave my smartphone behind when taking a dump!” a netizen said. 

“XXX, we’re going to break in the door if you stay inside (the toilet) for more than 10 minutes! We care about you!” another netizen commented after tagging his friend.

This is certainly shocking considering that many of us actually practise this habit. Anyway, we sincerely hope the man can recover from his condition over time. Good luck!


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