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Young, Pregnant M’sian Bride Just Wants “RM20,000, Half-carat Ring and a Honeymoon trip” From In-Laws



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‘Cut cloth according to your means’ is a proverb that a lot of us have learned since we were young and applied it in our daily lives but how many of us actually even follow it?

So many people out there tend to live a lavish life without thinking long term. A soon-to-be mother shared her experience on the UTAR confessions page about why she doesn’t want to get married.

The confessor is a 24-year-old woman and her boyfriend is 22-years-old. They’ve been together for one year and ten months and she recently found out she’s pregnant. After the announcement was made to both families, discussions began on our marriage.

However, since she and her boyfriend don’t have any savings, her boyfriend’s family agreed to help them start out with an amount of RM20,000. Her parents also said they don’t expect any money from her as long as her boyfriend treats her well.

“The problem is, I’m a little demanding. I don’t need money, wine, a new house, car or even gifts. All I want is a half-carat ring, wedding photos and a honeymoon trip.”

She added that the ring would cost around RM8,000 while the wedding photos would cost around RM3,000. Her boyfriend and her plan to save money for their honeymoon as they can’t leave the country due to the RMCO.

Here’s where the twist comes in…

Her boyfriend’s parents’ said that the RM20,000 they’re giving is meant for the baby they’re going to have only. After fights and tears, they finally compromised to RM10,000 for the wedding and the other RM10,000 to be used for the baby.

She said that although they can make it back, she didn’t want to get married knowing their “attitude” now. “I feel disrespected and not valued,” she said.

I would give myself a 6/10 and my boyfriend a 5/10

Out of nowhere, the confessor “rated” herself saying graduated with a CGPA of 3.91 and a 7-7.5/10 looks-wise. But since she’s only 160cm in height and 50kg in weight, she would give herself an overall 6/10. At her previous job, she used to earn about RM3,000 to RM4,000 a month.

Since she lost her job right before MCO, she doesn’t have any savings as her savings were used on a holiday with her boyfriend and she only started working recently. Her boyfriend didn’t finish his SPM and at a height and weight of 168 cm and 63kg respectively, she rated him a 5/10. He earns around RM2,700 monthly.

Disclaimer: These statements were directly quoted from the confessor. World of Buzz doesn’t support “rating” yourself in any manner possible.

She ended her confession by saying that her boyfriend is actually very nice to her but the way his family treated her made her feel very cheap. The confessor even said that other families would willingly pay RM10,000 for the bride and this isn’t even counting the photos, ring and wedding dress.

“I would like to ask you here, is my request too high? Is it the right choice if I’m going to get married?”

Is she asking too much before getting married? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section!


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Source: Expatica

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