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YouTuber Asks Couple To SLAP Each Other, Gets Slammed Instead



Source: Facebook

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Curiosity is what drives social experiments to be done out in the open involving members of the public. As influencers clamor to get the audience’s attention on social media, some influencers go overboard with their stunts just for the sake of viewership.

One influencer in Kelantan did just that when he went overboard with his style of social experiment, asking a couple to participate in his social experiment by slapping each other.

To show how bad things went, here is a video shared on social media of the incident.

Taking place at a night market, the influencer in the blue/white shirt met up with a couple. Wanting the couple to participate in the social experiment, the influencer instructs the wife to slap her husband.

Not wanting to participate in the experiment, the couple denied his request. It was from here that things took a turn for the worst.

“Why are you guys not participating? This is done only for fun. You can even slap him lovingly. Be a good sport.”

To ensure the couple’s participation, the influencer even promised to provide them with a gift for participating.

Despite the denial, the influencer persisted and insists that they must participate.

Having just about enough, the wife proceeded to throw the influencer’s gift and ‘violence’ followed when the couple wanted to get away from the influencer and his crew.

Garnering more than 1.3k reactions and 1.7k comments, netizens commenting on the incident slammed the influencer for his lack of sense in knowing when such an experiment is not a good idea and when to back off.

One netizen writes, “He should have asked his parents to participate in the experiment and see whether or not his mother would slap his father in return for a headscarf.”

Another commented saying that the influencer should have respected the couple’s privacy and if people are not accepting of such actions to be done in public, what more as part of a social experiment?

We feel that theis social experiment is a bit too much. What say you?


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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