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Yuna Helps Small Businesses By Allowing Them To Promote On Her Twitter Thread




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The Covid-19 pandemic and the Controlled Movement Control Order (CMCO) (Very soon PKPP) has affected all of us, especially small business owners nationwide.

As businesses get pummelled due to opening time restrictions, social distancing and limitation in the number of patrons, other businesses have suffered even more up to the point of forced closures.

Adjusting to new norms, many have stepped up to keep small businesses afloat, from the government’s recent short-term economic recovery plan to NGOs providing platforms for small businesses to ply their trade.

Celebrities have also stepped up to the plate in promoting small businesses and among those actively doing it is is our very own Yuna.

Understanding that she has the crowd power to do it, with 2.4 million followers to be exact, Yuna has recently gone online to help out.

“During the MCO there are many out there who have started small businesses, selling cookies, shirts, shoes, earrings – they’re very hardworking!”

“Please feel free to promote your business in this thread. Don’t give up in these trying times.”

Well isn’t that nice?

Witnessing more than 3.3k retweets and 4.3k likes, many have responded to the initiative with their businesses, taking advantage of Yuna’s crowd power.

After receiving an overwhelming response in her initial post, Yuna has since decided to open another thread in an effort to allow more businesses to take part.

She has since taken to her Twitter account to share tips on how small businesses can take advantage of the digital marketing boom to promote their products.

As part of her gift to struggling businesses and the public, here is what Yuna had to say, “Good luck, work hard and all the best. Now is the time to be diligent. Give extra effort into everything, your customers will love it.”

Let’s hope that other public figures out there will take inspiration in Yuna’s efforts and be inspired to help out those in need. 


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Source: Twitter

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